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What is Colombian Liposculpture™?

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Have you heard of Colombian Liposculpture™? You might confuse it with liposuction, but the two procedures are very different. Colombian Liposculpture™ is designed to sculpt the body in order to leave you with curves in all of the right places – and none of the wrong ones. It all comes down to what the patient desires. However, before you call to schedule an appointment for Colombian Liposculpture™, you first need to completely understand what it is. We’ll clear up some of those myths here, as we answer the important question of what is Colombian Liposculpture™?

What Exactly Is Colombian Liposculpture™?

Colombian Liposculpture™ is a procedure that involves removing fat from areas of your body in order to sculpt it and create the curves that you’ve always wanted. For example, you might have a stomach area that has some fat deposits, but you like how your butt and hips look – because you want that ideal hourglass shape. With Colombian Liposculpture™ you have more control over how your curves will look in the end, because we aren’t just removing those fat cells and making you look more trim and thin overall. Instead, we’re literally sculpting your body in order to create your ideal shape.

Liposuction versus Colombian Liposculpture™

You’ve more than likely heard of liposuction. This procedure involves the use of a device that literally suctions fat from certain areas of the body. The most common of these areas are the stomach, hips, back, and butt, although they are by no means the only places where one can get liposuction. Colombian Liposculpture™ differs from this, as its point isn’t just to remove those fat cells from the body. Instead, it’s designed to sculpt the body while removing fat. You’ll see a big difference – a positive one, of course – in your curves after the procedure is completed and you’ve fully healed.

Is Colombian Liposculpture™ Done Under General Anesthesia?

The short answer here is that no – it’s not. This procedure is done using a local anesthetic. This means that you’ll be awake during it, and while you might feel a bit of pressure, you won’t feel pain. The risks of general anesthesia are very high, so many people tend to steer clear of procedures that use them. Thankfully, with local anesthesia, the risks aren’t so high and you won’t have a lot of downtime once the procedure is over. You won’t have to deal with the long recovery room stay and everything else that goes along with general anesthesia.

Physical Benefits of Colombian Liposculpture™

The most obvious physical benefit of Colombian Liposculpture™ is the fact that you’ll end up with the body that you’ve always wanted to have. You’ll also have more confidence. However, other benefits include being able to move more easily,  and you’ll generally feel better overall. When we perform Colombian Liposculpture™ procedures, our goal is to make sure that your skin is no more than two centimeters apart. This means that we will remove all of the adipose tissue (also known as fat cells) in the areas that bother you the most while sculpting the curves that you really want.

Health Benefits of Colombian Liposculpture™

Along with things like confidence and the ability to move more freely without excess weight, there are a few other health benefits to Colombian Liposculpture™. For example, if you suffer from high cholesterol and blood pressure, you’ll see that both of them will be lowered once your excess adipose tissue has been removed. This is a scientific fact, as many studies have been done that show the effects of weight loss (any type) on your overall health. You’ll begin to feel better as soon as your body has healed from the Colombian Liposculpture™ procedure.

Are You Ready to Schedule Your Colombian Liposculpture™?

If you’re ready to schedule your Colombian Liposculpture™ procedure, here’s how it will work. You’ll end up going for a consultation first. During this consultation, one of our physicians will meet with you and go over what you want the final results to be. They’ll also examine the areas of your body that you think will benefit the most from Colombian Liposculpture™. After this, you’ll schedule your appointment. Since everyone has a slightly different body type, it makes sense to meet with a physician first in order to visualize the curves that you want to gain from the procedure (as well as the ones that you want to get rid of.) So, are you ready to schedule your Colombian Liposculpture™?

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