At EternaMD we believe every person is beautiful.

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My name is Dr. Carlos Mercado M.D. and my whole purpose is to uncover amazing beauty which already resides inside of you. A beauty that is latent and you might not even see for yourself, but is there. I promise.

  • I am different because I take a natural approach with techniques only offered here at EternaMD.

I offer techniques that are non-invasive and are found nowhere else in the world. They are developed by me, over twenty years and many are patented. They will bring out your beauty.

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The techniques work so well in creating beauty,  former patients spontaneously started to call me:

The Michelangelo of Body Sculpting.

If you do any self improvement –  do it with the best it with Dr. Mercardo – he is even known for fixing procedures done by others, that do not look right. If you do it,  get it right the first time with a natural non-invasive approach.

I saw the angel in the marble and sculpted her body until I set her free – Michelangelo

  • We offer many techniques for many issues. Please explore our website or contact us, because many procedures are not yet listed, including treatments for example treatments for hair.

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