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Discover a more confident you

EternaMD is the premier Medical Spa and Rejuvenation Center of Central Florida.

Providing the latest services in Cosmetic and Aesthetics for the Face Rejuvenation , Breast, and Body. Age Management, Stem Cell Therapy and the latest in Laser Light Source Technologies.

Our staff is comprised of highly trained and board certified Medical Doctors and a team of state certified medical Estheticans and Laser Technologist.

It is our honor to serve you and have happy patients who continue to refer their family and friends. EternaMD is a world class medical facility where patients can be confident that they will receive the best care and follow after a procedure.

We have patients that are both local to Orlando Florida, but also national and international clients:  Texas, California, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC,  Washington State, Arizona,  France, Ecuador,  Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica,  Colombia, Venezuela, London England, Europe, Panama, Peru, South America and beyond.

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Rejuvenation News

Ego and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Nothing has the ability to impact the male ego and self esteem such as Erectile Dysfunction (ed). It is very closely linked to sexual performance and prowess in the mind of many men and women. Problems associated with sexual performance can trigger deep rooted feelings of anxiety and ineffectiveness that can affect and attack one’s image and perception of masculinity….

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Cytori Cell Therapy Phase 1 Erectile Dysfunction Clinical Trials and Success

The results of phase 1 of the erectile dysfunction clinical trials of Cytori Therapeutics new Cyton Cell therapy are in. The good news is that it has been found to be both safe and potentially effective where the studies took place in the European Union. President and CEO of Cytori Therapeutics Mark Hendrick expressed that the results in Denmark in…

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Do Your Burn Scars Embarrass You

The emotional consequences of burn scars can affect every part your daily life and can have negative repercussions especially your social and professional relationships. If the scar is small or in an inconspicuous place, clothes or makeup might do the trick and even then just knowing that you have it can still take an emotional toll on you. Burn scars…

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