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At Eterna M.D. we believe in not only making you look younger, but also in making you feel younger. We are famous for our Body Contouring, Fat Reductions, Fillers, and Lift Makeovers! Our two expert physicians take pride in their work and dedicate their time to give each patient personalized care. All Consultations are complimentary, but fill up quickly! Call today to explore your possibilities!

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What is the colombian liposculpture™ procedure? Orlando florida 18

What is the Colombian Liposculpture™ Procedure?

You love your body. However, there are still areas that you want to improve. You want a curvaceous f...

Is Your Skin Freaking Out While Wearing Your Mask!?!

In light of coronavirus pandemic, masks are indispensable, and we have to wear them for protection. ...

Is your skin freaking out while wearing your mask!?! Orlando florida 19
Thread lifts_eterna md

Perfecto Thread Lift – Subtle Yet Perfecto

Thread Lifts and a More Youthful Physical Appearance The aging process is 100 percent natural. That ...


Hear What Our Patients Are Saying!

Barbara S.

Wonderful and excellent care! Staff is great. The doctor is a master at his skill. His hands are commanded by God to meet my request. I feel so much better about my body. I cant say enough to explain how I feel. Thanks to all of you!

Michelle R.

The staff and Dr. Mercado are amazing. They always make you feel comfortable. Would recommend them to anyone thinking of having a procedure done. Can't wait to see final results, the results so far are absolutely awesome!