Colombian Liposculpture ®

Does Liposculpture work?

Yes, it works so well that ordinary people come in and leave looking like a model. Our belief at EternaMD is every person is beautiful. It just takes an artist who has a passion for beauty to bring it out in people.

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Dr. Mercado is as much of an artist as he is a doctor.  He has spend his whole life studying art as a science and science as an art. He is one of a kind.

Here is example of Dr. Mercado’s  work. Before and After.

Liposculpture before and after
This is an actual patient. In a few hours she was transformed. Note the skin quality changes over time. Dr. Mercardo address the whole patient and all these issues.

Popular with men too.

male body sculpt
With Dr. Mercardo’s new techniques, you can get ripped abs that would be difficult to achieve in the gym.

You have to believe you are truly beautiful, it just takes someone who believes in you to discover this and bring it out.


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Colombian Liposculpture ® with Body Jet

If you want to look like a model or just feel better about your look, Colombian Liposculpture with body jet  is the most efficient way to achieve that look.

Why not just workout?

Yes, workout, but the answer is simple. Everyday we see patients who tried everything to lose weight and shape up. These are people who are even doing yoga & Pilate’s.

However, most are either Moms trying to bounce their body back or people who simple want to have the shape they always dreamed of,  yet need that fresh start.

The reason is fat easily cells grow in number, but rarely disappear, rather they only shrink in response to diet and exercise. This is why you need is to decrease their number of fat cells and not just shrink them.
Further, you have to address the skin flabbiness and excess elasticity after weightless.

Colombian Liposculture to the rescue

With the Colombian Liposculture, you walk in that morning and that evening you are relaxing at home.

You have no real downtime and in no time at all you feel like your real self, perhaps like you felt when you were 21.

Go with the best

Dr. Mercado is the best. He uses 2017 technology and techniques he personally developed over the last twenty years. The Colombian Liposculture is the most effective and minimally invasive way remove fat and get the shape you thought was not possible. It is possible.

It his Dr. Mercardo’s dexterity and fine motor skills  and his classic understanding or beauty and proportion that makes the difference. These skills are found nowhere else.

One more thing, there is no general anaesthesia. It is a simple walk in and walk out the same day procedure.

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Lets get more specific

With newer liposuction technologies such as Body-Jet, you can get the results you want without the risks of cutting, general anesthesia and IVs associated with traditional liposuction. This is why we use the Colombian Liposculpture ® patent pending – This is a procedure only offered with us.

Body-jet Liposuction is a superior pulsating water-assisted liposuction technique that produces smoother results with less pain, less trauma and less downtime compared to older methods. This non-surgical procedure uses the dynamic healing power of water to gently loosen fat cells and remove them without damaging those cells or the surrounding blood vessels and connective tissues. This results in significantly less trauma, pain, swelling, bruising and recovery time. Your body will heal faster, allowing clearly visible results to be seen in as little as one to two weeks.

Colombian Body-Jet liposculpture is ideal for treating stubborn areas of body fat that have proven resistant to diet and exercise. It can sculpt the abdomen, hips, arms, beneath the chin and more. Multiple areas of the body can be treated during a single session and in just a few hours.
How does Body Jet Work?

Body Jet Liposuction uses water to gently loosen and remove fat cells. The gentle method and precision instruments allow for remarkably accurate results with far less recovery time and bruising than any other liposuction method used today. Body-Jet liposuction is also a great method for fat transfer procedures as it allows for a more superior quality of body fat to be removed and re-injected into areas that you want to plump, sculpt or rejuvenate like the face, hands, buttocks, calves and more. Body-Jet liposuction removes body fat using a small sterile syringe and light suction to avoid damage to the fat cell membrane for superior quality.

Body-Jet Liposuction is one of the safest methods available today for removing fat and sculpting the body. There is no need for general anesthesia or heavy sedation and the risks of skin dimpling, skin laxity, and contour irregularities are significantly reduced. Patients spend less time in compression garments and are able to resume their normal activities much more quickly with a more immediate improvement to their appearance.

The Body-Jet procedure employs a gentle and controlled sequence of pulsed or sprayed saline to dislodge intact fat cells without destroying them. This gentle, pulsating jet of water navigates through the internal tissue, allowing our physicians to achieve the desired fat removal and body contouring with less effort and less trauma. The water gently and easily loosens the fat cells from each other. The cannula is very small and the flow is controlled so that your treatment is truly tailored to your individual needs. Aspiration is done simultaneously to avoid the risk of ripples and divots.

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