Colombian Butt Lift™ ®

What is the Colombian Butt Lift ™ ® ?

The next generation of natural body contouring

  • Statistically when researchers watch eye movements on people,  believe it or not your butt is the #1 part of your body people look at for physical attractiveness.

Therefore, if you were going to help one part of your body consider this.

This is a non-invasive lift that will reinvent your shape naturally by harnessing your own body’s fat.

  • Walk in that day and have a new body that evening.

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Happy results – It is done naturally with no silicone, no general anesthesia and best of all from our former patients say they love it. Patients conveys they feel better about themselves.

Single or married people universally love it. Their partners have also appreciated and admire this natural lift.

body contouring
From blocky to Instragram model. It is hard to believe it is the same person but it is.
  • If you are single we have had many people get married within a year of getting this type if lift.  It might be a coincidence but looking like a model does not hurt.

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Yes you can do yoga/Pilates and the elliptical for years, but this is an instant improvement to take you to the next level.

How does it work? – When performing our Signature Colombian butt lift ™ ® our physicians first use liposuction to remove unwanted fat from undesired areas of your body such as one’s upper/ lower abdomen & love handles. The viable fat is then processed and prepared to be re-injected to provide our patients with a natural look and feel.

Butt lift before and after
Colombian butt lift before and after, note the skin quality changes. Dr. Mercado treats the whole patient including skin as well as shape.

What are the results? Once the the fat transfer is complete, then silhouette threads are put in place to help lift and shape the buttocks naturally, giving you smoother and fuller feminine curves. This method allows a natural projection to the gluteus providing our patients with a natural feminine look, without the use of implants.

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Who developed the Colombian butt lift ™ ® ? Dr. Mercado and Dr. De La Vega are pioneers of the “Colombian Butt Lift ™ ® . This innovative technique uses your own body’s unwanted fat to give your buttocks the volume you have always dreamed of. They use new techniques that are found nowhere else.

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Have you heard of the Brazilian butt lift? The Colombian butt augmentation is the next advancement to make your seat of power in a word, beautiful. Classic beauty is based on proportions and contours.

Bonus – If you workout such as yoga or walking, you will even look better.  Even if you do not want to be an Instagram model, it is OK to look like one.

before and after butt lift model
Dr. Mercado adds shape like a classic model

Curious about your potential?

Contact us for a free consultation. We are located in Lake Mary, FL and we can give you an honest, objective evaluation.  So why not?

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