What is a Colombian Butt Lift ™?

This is one of our signature treatments offered at Eterna M.D. It utilities the body’s own shape and adipose tissue to naturally create your ideal glute appearance. No general anesthesia is needed for this procedure, and there is minimal downtime!

People seeking a perfectly perky gluteus maximus have several choices. They could go to the gym (although those results aren’t guaranteed, no matter how many squats they do), head to a surgeon for implants or a traditional butt lift (both of which require some downtime while healing), or go with a much less invasive procedure: the Colombian Butt Lift ™. The latter option is one of the best, for many reasons. However, before you reach for the phone to book your procedure, you need to fully understand exactly what a Colombian Butt Lift ™ is.

What Makes it Better Than a Traditional Butt Lift?

One of the good things about the Colombian Butt Lift ™ is the fact that it’s performed under local anesthesia, not general. This means that you’ll be awake during it, although you more than likely won’t feel any pain – just some pressure in the treatment area. Also, since the Colombian Butt Lift ™ involves moving your own adipose tissue from one area of your butt to another, there are no foreign objects (as there would be implants) to get used to. This greatly cuts down the chances of getting an infection, as well as your overall healing time. You won’t have to worry about being in the recovery room for any length of time. Plus, the results of the Colombian Butt Lift ™ are even more customizable, since you aren’t limited to certain sized implants, You are literally moving tissue from one part of your body to another, allowing for better, customizable, final results.

Why go Colombian?

The Colombian Butt Lift ™ does far more than the average Brazilian Butt Lift. The Colombian Butt Lift focuses on giving the entire body shape and angles, not just the glutes. We do the science and math, you just relax and enjoy your results.

Are you Ready to Schedule Your Colombian Butt Lift ™?

Now that you know what a Colombian Butt Lift ™ is and how it can help you obtain the perky butt you’ve always wanted, it’s time to schedule a consultation. You’ll meet with one of our physicians who will go over the procedure in-depth with you. Once you’ve decided that it’s exactly what you want, you’ll schedule the procedure itself. Before you know it, you’ll have a body to be proud of.