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What is a non-surgical option for facelifts?

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Answer this question honestly – do you want to look younger? If you didn’t answer that question with a resounding “yes” then you are most likely lying to yourself. Everyone wants to look younger, and they also want to look their best. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a non-surgical facelift. Sure, traditional surgical facelifts have been done for many years, and some people have gotten decent results from them, but there are many reasons why the non-surgical options, such as Perfecto Threads are much better.

The Problems with General Old-School Facelifts

In the past, if someone wanted tighter looking skin and much more youthful appearance, then they only had one option – a facelift. These facelifts tended to involve physically lifting the skin of the face in order to tighten it. Incisions were made either behind the ears or on the scalp (usually wherever they could be hidden) and the facial skin was pulled, tightened, and sewn into place. In some cases, the results were unnatural. Plus, this type of procedure involved a lot of downtime as the skin healed. It was also done under general anesthesia, which led to a number of other complications as well. Overall, there’s a reason why few people want this type of procedure anymore.

Why Do You Want a Non-Surgical Facelift?

We’ve outlined many of issues with old-school facelifts above. They tend to take some time to heal. You really have no control over the results. If your face is tightened too much, then it may not look natural until things heal and “settle.” A non-surgical facelift is quite different. These options, which consist of things like injections of fillers as well as thread lifts, are more subtle, but they have great results. A good thread lift (such as one done using the Perfecto Threads method) can take around ten years off of your face once it heals completely. Plus, they are less invasive, don’t require you to undergo general anesthesia, and can be done quickly. You won’t have to go into hiding for seven to ten days while everything heals. Instead, you can go out into the world right away – immediately after the procedure is complete.

Thread Lifts versus Injections

Injectable fillers, like Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse can work in order to restore volume to the face. However, there are a few issues. To begin with, they are temporary. These fillers will wear off in around six months to a year. They are not permanent. In order to look the same, you’ll need to go back and have them redone. On top of this, they don’t actually do anything to help the tissues within your skin. They don’t coax your facial collagen into regenerating. While they are technically considered a non-surgical facelift, they don’t work as permanently as options like Perfecto Threads. If you’re seeking something that requires less maintenance, then you need to look into a thread lift.

What Are Perfecto Threads?

To put it simply, Perfecto Threads is a version of the popular thread lift. It involves placing invisible and temporary stitches into the skin around your face, lifting up sagging skin. Over time, those stitches dissolve and your skin will stay in that same lifted formation. How does this happen? The stitches are designed to stimulate the collagen in your skin. This is part of the underlying structure, and it’s what gives people that youthful work. If you’ve ever seen someone in their 20s with perfectly smooth facial skin, then you know that they look that way because they have a good collagen structure. However, as you age, your skin loses its collagen, causing it to sag. Thankfully, it can be stimulating into forming again, thanks to the Perfecto Threads procedure.

So, what’s involved in getting this procedure done? The physician will examine your facial structure in order to determine just where it needs to be “pulled up.” Then, they’ll gently suture the skin into place. This is done under local, instead of general anesthesia, and it can take as long as half an hour. Once the sutures are in place, you’ll receive some aftercare instructions and then you’re done. As your skin heals, the sutures will dissolve, but not before stimulating your collagen production. You’ll end up looking younger for between a year and three years, then the procedure will need to be redone. However, this procedure does last longer than Injectable fillers.

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