Summer Foods for Managing Your Weight

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Some of the worst moments of the year are at the end of springtime when you try on your swimsuits from last summer after a long, sedentary winter. Odds are, unless you’re one of those people who managed to avoid the dessert tray during family holidays and kept hitting the gym on a regular basis, you’re probably looking for simple yet effective foods to incorporate into your diet to help you shed a few pounds for a beach-ready body. Here are some suggestions.

Citrus Fruit

Did you know that citrus fruit can be used to flavor your food? Ideally, when you’re in the middle of a summer diet, you want to eat foods that taste good, yet won’t weigh you down. Some recipe options include chicken topped with lemon or lime juice or zest. Or you can put chunks of your favorite citrus fruit into water for a tasty, sugar-free summer beverage. Staying hydrated and avoiding sugary drinks are great ways to not only beat the heat, but also beat the scale.


Sometimes, you want light dishes in the summertime. A salad is a perfect option. Salad is low in calories and when topped with a light dressing, it will help with your weight loss efforts as well.

Fresh Vegetables

Summer is the best time for fresh vegetables. Many of them, such as broccoli, green beans, and Brussels sprouts can be steamed and used as a side dish to your meals. These rich greens are high in antioxidants and vitamins, and are nutrient-dense without being high in calories.


For a low-calorie source of vital protein, one great summer choice is shrimp. As the weather turns warm, so do the grills for burgers and steaks, which can weigh you down. When well-seasoned or paired with veggies on a kebab, a meal based on shrimp keeps you feeling full without the guilt you may feel after a serving of red meat.

Liposculpture Is Always an Option

Of course, if you go on a summer diet, yet still don’t quite have the beach body that you want, liposculpture is always an option. Liposculpture is a little like liposuction, as it removes the fat cells from certain parts of your body. However, with liposculpture, the physician isn’t just removing those cells – they are also replacing them in the areas that need them the most, and shaping your body into your ideal one at the same time.

If you are looking to look good this summer, contact us at Eterna MD today to find out how we can help you with our effective liposculpture solutions.

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