A critical part of any healing process is adequate blood flow; without it, tissues can struggle to repair their important structures. Whether because of an injury or a surgical procedure, a speedy and successful recovery is integral to getting back to your regular lifestyle. As regenerative medicine advances, there are more ways than ever to improve your recovery and enjoy great results. Acoustic pressure wave therapy, also known as pulse activation therapy, is one option offered at our Lake Mary practice.

What is Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy?

Acoustic pressure wave therapy performed at Eterna MD uses vibrating acoustic waves to cause micro-ruptures in the capillaries in your tendons and bones. These ruptures express certain growth factors such as BMP, PCNS, VEGF, and eNOS. These specific growth factors trigger increased blood supply and oxygenation, which allows your cells to heal their damaged tissues quickly and effectively.

This means that acoustic pressure wave therapy comes with a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Reduction in the appearance of cellulite
  • Greater connective tissue repair
  • Improved muscle tone and skin elasticity
  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased collagen production
  • Reduction in symptoms caused by tendonitis and other musculoskeletal conditions

Who is a Good Candidate for Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy?

Acoustic pressure wave therapy is a great option for patients looking for the best in regenerative procedures as well as cosmetic improvements to the body. We recommend acoustic pressure wave therapy on patients who suffer from lower back pain, joint pain, and erectile dysfunction. It can also be used to improve recovery and results after minimally invasive body contouring procedures. During a consultation with our team, we’ll discuss whether acoustic pressure wave therapy is right for you and your goals.

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy FAQs

Can acoustic pressure wave therapy get rid of cellulite?

Pressure wave therapy can reduce the appearance of cellulite by breaking up fibrous tissue causing the dimpling of the skin, and stimulating lymphatic activity to restore a smooth appearance.

How long does acoustic wave therapy last?

Each treatment session can be as short as 15 minutes depending on your unique needs and condition. The overall treatment plan may last several months as multiple sessions need to be scheduled a few days apart.

What is acoustic wave therapy?

Acoustic pressure wave therapy is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to create micro-cavitation bubbles within tissues that expand and collapse to accelerate the healing process and introduce healing growth factors to that area of the body.

What are the side effects of acoustic wave therapy?

There are no side effects of acoustic wave therapy, as it is a completely non-invasive procedure.

How long does it take to see results from acoustic pressure wave therapy?

Results may vary depending on what you’re having treated with wave therapy, but your body will begin reacting to the treatment immediately, and you may see results in as little as one month with full results in six months to a year.

Is acoustic pressure wave therapy safe?

Yes. By using ultrasonic vibrations to stimulate tissue at varying depths, acoustic pressure wave therapy is completely non-invasive with very few risks of side effects.

How many sessions of pressure wave therapy do I need?

Your specific treatment plan will depend on the degree of treatment required, the specific type of condition being treated, and your unique anatomy. Typically, patients need between six and 12 sessions to achieve their results but may need more.

What issues can acoustic pressure wave therapy help with?

Acoustic pressure wave therapy is a great, non-invasive treatment that can help with joint and muscle pain, speed the healing of surgical sites, treat topical issues such as cellulite, and create tighter, more evenly toned skin.

Does acoustic pressure wave therapy really work?

Yes, although not everyone may be a good candidate for this non-invasive procedure.

How does acoustic wave therapy work?

Acoustic pressure wave therapy helps to stimulate healthy blood flow in the treatment area. This has many benefits, including reduced pain from tendonitis or similar conditions, reduced cellulite, improved muscle tone or skin elasticity, connective tissue repair, and improved lymphatic drainage.

What is the success rate of acoustic pressure wave therapy?

About 70 percent of patients will find success in acoustic pressure wave therapy.

Is acoustic wave pressure therapy expensive?

The cost of acoustic pressure wave therapy will vary for each patient. On average, you can expect a cost of about $500-1000 per session.

Is acoustic pressure wave therapy painful?

Acoustic pressure wave therapy should not be painful.

How long does an acoustic pressure wave therapy session take?

Most treatment sessions will take about 30 minutes to complete. This varies depending on your reason for treatment and the area you are treating among other factors.

What Happens During the Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy?

During this treatment, a specialized handpiece is applied to your treatment area over an antiseptic gel (similar to that used during ultrasound screening). Although your treatment timeframe can depend on how large your treatment area is, you’ll simply relax while the acoustic energy stimulates your body’s circulation and regenerative properties in your deep connective tissues. Most treatments take about 30 minutes, after which you can return home.

Can Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy be Combined with Other Treatments?

We commonly recommend acoustic pressure wave therapy to patients who undergo body contouring procedures like Lipodissolve in order to reduce recovery time and stimulate healing. This treatment option often comes with the benefits of increased collagen production and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, meaning it can provide even better results for your cosmetic goals.

Is There A Recovery Process?

There’s no downtime required after each session, but we recommend you avoid any extensive activity for 48 hours after your treatment. This is especially important if you opt for acoustic pressure wave therapy for injury so you avoid straining your treatment area.

How Many Sessions are Needed for Best Results?

This can vary based on your unique goals for treatment and existing concerns. Most patients require 6-12 treatment sessions for the best results. During your consultation with our team, we’ll create the ideal treatment plan for you.

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