Breaking Free from Erectile Dysfunction

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As men age, some find that their sexual performance is not what it once was. This is a natural effect of aging, but just because a condition is natural does not mean you have to endure it. Modern medicine has advanced to a point that there are many ways we can successfully treat erectile dysfunction and restore vigor to your sexual health. 

One of our most exciting treatments for ED is known as Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy. It’s a non-invasive procedure that uses acoustic technology to treat ED. This may sound like science fiction—treating a condition with sound—but it’s backed by years of research and success stories.  

By administering acoustic pulse waves on the target areas, we can increase blood circulation and stimulate the healing process. One of the most common physical manifestations of erectile dysfunction is poor blood circulation in the penis, which hinders sexual performance greatly. With Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy, we are able to allow new blood vessels to form, which restores blood flow to the penis. This is a simple and effective outpatient process that will have you in and out of the clinic in no time, with minimal recovery needed. 

Before you reach for those blue pills or feel resigned to your fate of diminished sexual performance in your later ages, contact us at Eterna M.D. to learn about the new and effective treatments we offer for ED. We provide a wide range of processes including wave therapy and regenerative medicine, and we can help you determine which is the right one for you. 

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