Address the Underlying Causes of Facial Aging with Sculptra®

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Not all anti-aging treatments are created equal. When exploring your options for younger, healthier skin, it’s important to know that some treatments simply fix symptoms without addressing the underlying causes. One injectable treatment worth knowing about is Sculptra®. Although many injectable fillers simply restore volume, Sculptra goes the extra mile to provide long-lasting, natural results. Here’s what to know about Sculptra and how it can transform your anti-aging regimen at Eterna MD.

What Causes Facial Aging?

The more that we learn about facial aging, the more we understand that it’s caused by a loss of collagen. As early as your 30s, collagen begins to break down and taper off in its regeneration. In fact, you can begin losing as much as 1% of your collagen each year beginning in your late 30s. If you don’t take steps to prevent collagen loss, the results can compound as you get older.

The effects of collagen loss are what we see from the outside – fine lines, sagging, and areas of hollowness. Dermal filler treatments work by restoring temporary volume to these areas to take the place of collagen. This can be an effective approach, but not a long-term one.

How Does Sculptra Address Facial Aging?

Sculptra is a unique injectable treatment. It’s made with poly-L-lactic acid, a molecule commonly found in absorbable sutures. This active ingredient actually stimulates the body’s natural collagen production to replace its initial volume-restoring effects. This means that Sculptra produces completely natural volume in the skin to improve its overall health and elasticity instead of just temporarily achieving improvement.

For patients looking for the most long-lasting results from cosmetic treatment, Sculptra is hard to beat. With a package of treatments, you can enjoy improvement that lasts as much as two years. This is far longer than even some of the best dermal fillers for anti-aging.

Is Sculptra Better Than Dysport®?

Dysport® is another gold standard in anti-aging but for a different reason. Dysport works by weakening muscle activity in the face and relaxing furrows that cause wrinkles. This can both prevent wrinkle formation and reduce the appearance of set-in wrinkles caused by facial movement (called dynamic wrinkles). Dysport can last for only 3-6 months but it’s a regular part of many, many patients’ anti-aging regimens.

Sculptra can be better than Dysport in a few ways, especially if you’re looking for long-lasting results. But in many cases, patients can benefit most from a combination of treatments. In this case, Dysport can prevent wrinkle formation in expressive areas while Sculptra can restore collagen in areas prone to volume loss. A combination of Dysport and Sculptra can be a powerful preventive anti-aging combination when administered by our experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Carlos Mercado.

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