What is Body Jet Liposculpture

This innovative, new liposuction technique is minimally invasive and uses the highly effective, cleansing power of water, to gently remove and wash away unwanted fat from problematic areas of the body. Getting rid of the unwanted fat can is an uphill battle and like other liposuction methods on the market Body Jet liposculpture can make it simple and easy. It has less recovery time because it results in less swelling and bruising as it works gently to flush away the unwanted fat. It is just as effective as traditional liposuction techniques as it is a long lasting way to rid the body of fat cells and get the sleek, smooth. contoured look you always wanted.

How Body Jet Liposculpture Works

The power of water is harnessed and concentrated to aim a steady but gentle flow of water to dislodge the fat cells trapped in the body. The stream of water the washes away the offending cells. This technique is less disruptive to the body as it utilizes significantly less force to dislodge the fat cells. It washes them away as opposed to the powerful sucking motion used by other methods of liposuction. A high concentration of water is used in jet stream of water which gives it its name body jet. The benefits of this system includes as you can imagine the possibility of much less trauma occurring to the body, this means less chance of damage to the important organs and parts of your body including, your muscles, blood vessels, nerves and skin.

The video above shows Dr. Mercado performing liposculpture technique on a male patient

How long Does Body Jet Liposculpture Take

The process is fast and very gentle because it is only minimally invasive it is performed as an outpatient service and so there is very little recovery time needed and so very little downtime. The procedure takes between thirty to forty-five minutes on average. This is for each section of the body that is treated, as more than one area can be treated in a single session.

There many significant benefits that Body Jet Liposculpture can offer over other methods of liposuction which may account for its rising popularity.

Benefits of Body Jet Liposculpture

  • Less invasive than other methods
  • Results in less trauma to the body
  • Less Harsh as it washes away fat as opposed to sucking it out
  • Less Downtime
  • Less pain
  • Uses Local Anesthesia
  • Much less swelling and bruising

Time is money and so the fact that you no longer have to wait for weeks or months to recover from liposuction is a game changer in the industry, as folks get more health conscious and wary of what they do to their bodies, body Jet liposculpture represents a safe and gentle way to flush away unwanted fat from the body, what could be more healthy than water? The results are just as effective as other traditional methods, long lasting and consistent with none of the lumpy look or feel that can be the result of other methods of liposuction. The results from Body Jet Liposculpture leave the body looking smooth and contoured.

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