Thank you Dr. Mercado! I

Thank you Dr. Mercado! I was diagnosed with arthritis in my right knee in April of this year (2015). I also had a torn meniscus in my right knee and my right ankle was also starting to have the same pain and stiffness my knee was having. Over the counter meds did nothing to help the pain and at night my knee ached. My orthopedic doctor gave me a steroid shot in my knee, which helped. Before that, from March to July I was severely limping and had horrible pain and stiffness every day. The orthopedic doctor told me eventually I’d have to have surgery. I looked into both the stem cell therapy and surgery to compare and decide which way to treat this. I went to see Dr. Mercado to find out more about stem cells and he spent over an hour answering questions and concerns. I wanted to take a pro-active approach and get treatment at the beginning of this and not wait to be in pain for years and the cartilage In my knee to get worn down. I decided stem cells made so much sense and went on to have the stem cell therapy for my knee and ankle. It’s only been a month, but already there are so many positive results. Before the procedure, my steroid shot was wearing off and the pain, stiffness and limping were coming back. I’ve had no pain or stiffness in my ankle and my knee has no stiffness and just a little pain (like a 1 or 2) when I’m going up or down on stairs or walking on uneven surfaces. I’ll be starting on physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around my knee. I’m so glad I chose this treatment. The staff is so courteous. Thank you so much Dr. Mercado!!