No more pizza face!!!

As soon as I started middle school I started developing horrible acne all over my face. I would use so much makeup to try and cover it up but that just made it ever worse. The acne was literally taking over my life. It was all I would think about 24/7. I felt people were talking about me or laughing at me because of my face. I was even called pizza face once I got to high school. I decided I was not going to let acne control my life or my social life! I tried all the over the counter acne treatments and none seemed to work. I was devastated but then my mom came home a couple weeks later and said her friend recommended Dr. Mercado. I went in for a consult and he recommended a deep pore facial and his skin care line made just for acne. I was so excited because this was not over the counter acne creams, this was the real deal with his prescription skin care line. I have been using the line for about 8 months now and my face is basically acne free!! I am so excited to start college this fall without having the insecurity of acne on my face 🙂