Dr. Mercado’s medical rejuvenation program has truly given me my life back!

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer over 4 years ago and had a total thyroidectomy as a result. Before having my thyroid removed I had no real health issues and was on no medications other than the occasional Advil for headaches. After my thyroidectomy my overall health changed dramatically. Over the next 3-6 months I developed multiple issues I had never experienced before including a significant decrease in my energy level, inability to focus or concentrate, hot flashes & night sweats, weight gain, depression, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure & an overall lack of desire to do anything outside of what I absolutely had to. Over the next couple of years I ended up on multiple medications focused on treating my symptoms which over time started to have affects of their own. I was extremely frustrated over this loss of control in regards to my health and ultimately my life in general. Being an RN and working in the healthcare industry for over 25 years I couldn’t accept that this was just going to be the way I was going to feel the rest of my life, but couldn’t seem to find anyone willing to dig deeper and take the time to get to the root of my symptoms for an actual cause, that is until I finally mentioned my situation to Dr. Carlos Mercado at Eterna MD. Dr. Mercado was sincerely concerned about my situation and passionate about determining the core problem. Over the next several weeks I completed lab work, comprehensive health questionnaires, obtained all my medical records and provided Dr. Mercado with every detail of my health I could think of since my thyroid cancer was first diagnosed. When I received the call that he was ready to see me to let me know his findings I was scared to death. I felt like after everything we had done if he hadn’t found a reason for my current health situation I was stuck feeling this way permanently. There are truly no words to adequately describe the changes in my life after that appointment. Not only did Dr. Mercado confirm the clinical reason for every symptom I had, but immediately started me on a comprehensive treatment plan focused on eliminating them. My labs revealed a significant deficiency is several of my hormone levels which were causing 99% of my symptoms. Within days of starting hormone replacement therapy I started feeling the effects and less than 4 weeks later I can’t believe the change in my health, my mind and my body. I’m off 4 of my previous symptom specific medications, I’ve lost 6 pounds, lowered my blood pressure, regained a lot of my mental focus and seen significant improvement in my energy level, mood swings and depression just to name a few. I feel like myself again for the first time in over 4 years and he’s not done yet. I’ve been shocked by how many women I’ve talked to in the last month who have noticed the change in me and have been suffering similar health situations in silence because they didn’t know they had any other choice. Dr. Mercado’s passion for medicine and his patients’ well being has not only affected me, but also my husband, children, family, friends and co-workers. Dr. Mercado is nothing short of amazing in his gift to truly look at each patient as an individual case and determine what will work for them. Dr. Mercado’s medical rejuvenation program has truly given me my life back!