Dr. Carlos Mercado is the best doctor I have ever met in my life.

Dr. Carlos Mercado is the best doctor I have ever met in my life. He has the most unique combination of technical skills and medical knowledge, both academic and practical combined with rapport that is really needed to address the individual. A one of a kind doctor.

If you are in pain, I highly recommend you consider stem cell therapy with Dr Carlos Mercado. I would not leave such an emphatic review if I did not feel this way, that alone is a testament.

This is my personal experience with Stem cells and Dr. Carlos. It is a personal experience and not to be taken as medical fact but rather conveying an experience. The reason I am writing this is with the sincere intention to raise awareness of this treatment.

The purpose of this review

•If people are helped with regenerative medicine then it will make them better able to function in the world, with their families and use their talents for a greater good. So I am writing this review.

The purpose of this review is to answer the questions 1) Do Stem Cells work 2) What to expect 3) Where to go? I am a real patient and you can look me up or contact me if you have any questions. My name is Mark Biernat and any Google result will show a score of results and ways you can contact me.

How did I develop physical pain?
I developed osteoarthritis from years of physical activity and labor, paying for my university working at UPS in addition to sports like running and lifting. I loved to run, work out and work in general. The result was wear and tear on my joints to an extent that life was painful. The arrogance of youth, I joke. The result was real discomfort with every step in my back, hips and knees.

I went to the best sports medicine doctors in Boston ( Harvard University researchers, (waited 7 months for an appointment) and in Europe (lived there, Krakow). Beside the surgery option (most of my friends who have gone through this do not recommend it), There was only stretching and anti inflammatories. The experts did not have any answers. I really did an in-depth search, but it did not lead my anywhere until I meet Dr. Mercado.

What I tried
Nothing from traditional or alternative treatments (tried it all from physical therapy to acupuncture) for arthritis/ pain did anything, Maybe masked the cause or managed the pain.

I realized nothing is going to regrow or heal my joints. I stoically accepted that and stayed objective and open. Supplements by the handful or the latest over the counter or prescription medication that are anti-inflammatory will not actually regrow the damaged tissue. That was the issue. You can do yoga and acupuncture until you turn blue and pop every medication or natural supplement and at best you will be pain management.

Further, you can have the best medical insurance, it does not matter. I am not impressed. Scalpels and pain killers do not regrow joints.

One last thing, clinics will talk about laser surgery for the spine and use words like ‘minimally invasive’. etc, and it sounds progressive, but in the end, a laser is nothing more than a scalpel. If these things work for you I am not tell you not to do them. I have learned though the experience of others, try all the noninvaisve techniques first. That might include stem cells. I recommend you research yourself, do not take my word for it.

What was the procedure like?
Very easy, I went in in the morning and was out a few hours latter in my car (my wife drove home). Next day I was doing my normal things, shopping and would have gone to the beach, but even in Florida sometimes the beach is too cold.

It was so simple, the Stem Cell procedure consisted of extracting the cells from my own body (painless) and separating them and injecting them. No general anesthesia required. I even lost a little weight as technically the extraction was a little liposuction.

I wish I could write more but it was so simple. Your body is given a real chance to heal and literally regrow in a healthy way.

Research Stem cell effectiveness and reviews
Stem cells are no placebo. They work in animals. Animals have no subconscious mind or complex abstract reasoning and therefore placebo effect is not possible. I am not making a medical claim, but even veterinarians say stem cells work.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. So research it yourself. I believe in science and objectivity. But for me Stem cells worked.

Why I choose Dr. Carlos Mercado and Stem Cells in Florida rather than abroad
My story is I looked at overseas options. Since I am a duel US and EU citizens I have no qualms about medical tourism, if they are not hyped. I looked at Stem cell clinics in Europe and Stem cell clinics in Mexico and compared it to the USA. I interviewed many.

At the end of my search I choose Dr. Carlos Mercado in Florida. During the consultation I grilled him with questions and to my surprise he was aware of what I was talking about. Many doctors believe it or not are not. You can ask about specific procedures or methods and most are aware of what they do on a day to day basis. Dr. Carlos was an exception. He was aware of all the things I researched extensively and then some. That was a first for a doctor. His staff is excellent also.

What are Stem cells?
Think of them like the philosophy majors of the body. They have not quite yet figured out what to do with their lives. However, they can be convinced to go one way or another. Should they be business majors or artists, metaphorically. Similarly, they can be turned into a joint or a bone or a nerve or new skin.

Fat derivative stems cells superior as they do not have the pain of bone marrow stem cell extraction and the ethical consideration of the embryonic cells. In fact I was surprised in my Catholic church there was a pamphlet on Stem cells. These are cells that are present in your body just not with the critical number to effectual change in the right areas.

The stem cells are separated from the fat and re-injected. If you want to read about the details you will be amazed. I think if there is a damage cell they know to donate their microdoncia. They know when to stop working. It is almost like the body has a holographic or platonic form that corresponds to how it should look like in a healthy state and stem cells have this intelligence.

What about other stem cell doctors?
Yes I am sure they are good, but why not go with the best? Someone who has a passion for this. He is kind of a Stem cell geek with encyclopedic knowledge.

With any biological scientific validation there are numerous exogenous and endogenous variable. This translated to mean we are all different and the effectiveness might will vary.

As a disclaimer, I am not a doctor and I am not giving any medical advice.

Pros: Painless, no downtime, and it works. You regrow your body part that ails you, and might feel like you did when you were 21. Think of it like God could give a new chance in life. Just use that new body with wisdom.

Cons: None