J-plasma for Face and Body

J-plasma will fix skin laxity for your face, neck or body

If you want to restore skin elasticity back to your normal self –  We have a one of a kind non-surgical alternative to a tummy tuck/Lipo that can used anywhere on your body.

Right to Left: 1. Before weight loss 2. After weight loss. 3. After J-plasma -Actual results can be more dramatic but the idea is clear, flab and lose skin is gone and your shape is back.

If you have  skin laxity, lose skin or a little ‘flab and folds’ from:

  • weight loss
  • pregnancy
  • liposuction

do not worry.

We use a newest non-invasive technique that  will treat your skin laxity.

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The most effective procedure happens to be non-invasive

In fact, currently in central Florida there are few clinics that offer anything similar and no other doctors offer MercadoPlasty ™ which is only at EternaMD. Why? Because that is where it was researched and developed. We perfected it so you can look perfect.

What is the idea?

The idea is simple. If your skin has been stretched,  we apply an energy plasma derived from Helium over the area. The results are amazing. You will look naturally as you once were, your real self.

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Fusion Fitness combined with modern technology

Many people are into working out and are conscious eaters.  In fact, our doctors and the staff do.

However, even if you have gone to the latest  fusion fitness, yoga, Pilates boot camp or on a Paleo Vegan diet, for example,  and lost the weight you wanted,  you still might have skin which was a result of expanded skin.

  • Even if you do not work out, this difference will motivate you to do more. You will feel better about yourself and anything you do, will only add to the effect.

We give you a second chance – take a chance on yourself

Skin that was stretched from the time when you had a little more weight. This is where Jplasma and MercadoPlasty ™  will address what you thought could not be addressed, the lose skin after weightless.

An  alternative to lipo that works

Not only is this a tummy tuck alternative,  it is a liposuction alternative.  Many people who are in shape might not want lipo, rather just a non-surgical tightening of their skin.

skin stomach
Our specialty is abdominal laxity. When we give our patients a second chance, and many of them have run with it and take it to the next level and even become models. Relax, you do not have to take it that far, just look good for yourself, partner or future partner.

The desired result

You will have the amazing body you have dreamed of.  If you want to look like an Instagram model but have not interest in being one, skin tightening will get you there.

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Just for fun we would like to share this idea-


skin tightening
Skin Laxity or not – you have to admit – we are all beautiful.