Eterna M.D.’s Signature Post Liposuction Program

The post-operative period after a liposuction may be uncomfortable at first… Eterna M.D. has designed a post liposuction program tailored to your post liposuction recovery. Eterna M.D.’s Post liposuction program will greatly enhance the results of a liposuction. Our Post Liposuction program is specifically designed to eliminate any unevenness, or edema after a liposuction procedure has been performed. Our post liposuction program has several main objectives. These objectives include: reduced recovery time, improving one’s circulation, and contouring the body to maintain overall results.

Our program has proven it’s effectiveness to minimize one’s recovery time after a liposuction procedure. Our program is structured to relieve and reduce any uncomfortable symptoms after a liposuction. Eterna M.D’s post liposuction program is a comprehensive program that focuses on accelerating the patient’s recovery after the liposuction. Our post liposuction treatments are performed by a highly trained post operative care therapist.

Program Stages

The first stages of our Post Liposuction program are focused on reducing the period of inflammation caused by the surgical intervention. The second phase focuses on improving one’s body contour, as it begins to eliminate any possible fibrous zones. The final stages of our post liposuction program is designed to focuses on the retraction of the skin. Durng this phase, the therapist works to tighten and smooth the skin improving the overall tone, and appearance.


After a liposuction, our patient’s are placed into a compression garment. The correct use of the garment is a crucial aspect of ones’s recovery after a liposuction. The compression garment has several functions: immediately after one’s liposuction, the garment works to reduce the initial stages of inflammation. Our garment also allows the body to mold to the new figure after the procedure. For optimal results, the garment is recommended to be worn 8-12 weeks after one’s liposuction. It is recommended to be worn both day and night, and only removed for personal hygiene, medical examinations, and before each post-liposuction session.

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