Another product is in the family of Restylane products is Restylane silk. If you are over twenty one and suffer from lip lines then Restylane silk can help to solve lip line problems. It’s a clear gel like substance formulated from one of the sugars that can be found naturally occurring in the skin, which is hydraulic acid.

Restylane products are safe and effective to use and are all approved by the FDA. They are specifically designed to solve common issues with your lips such as thin, droopy lips or even to fill out lip lines. It’s the perfect solution for subtle lip enhancements, as its composition is much smoother because it consists of much smoother and smaller particles, to make the results much softer and more natural. These products should only be administered by a professional licensed practitioner. They are to be injected under the skin or lip only and nowhere else. (* Results may vary from person to person)

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