The Latest in Double Chin Treatment: Lipolytic Drugs

The procedure of injecting lipolytic drugs into the chin as a solution for Double Chin, continues to grow in popularity as more studies are done and more information is readily available to the public. It is a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure that is usually offered in topical preparations, or local injection. It’s important to keep abreast of the latest trends and technology in the field of dermatology and cosmetology as it has tremendous implications for everyone and until lately there was not much information available as there were only a few studies done.

The field of cosmetic surgery continues to grow as there are new converts every day and more people want to feel better about the way they look and about the face that stares back at them from the mirror. Converts and new comers are both wary of more invasive procedures as they tend to cost more, take longer to perform and require a longer recovery time. The future is definitely in the less invasive procedures for the treatment of double chin. So what’s new in the field?

The Facts are as Follows:

Studies have now been done featuring the main lipolytic drugs, Phosphatidylcholine, as well as an excipient of the drug sodium deoxycholate. ATX-101 is the first of its kind to be studied in a placebo controlled, randomized clinical study. It is a non invasive procedure to address the reduction of Submental Fat (SMF). Its formulation is a synthetic derivative of deoxycholic acid.

Unwanted submental fat is considered as unattractive and unappealing, especially double chins. People spend a lot of money on exercise programs, diets, foods, pills and fads every year to get rid of it. Some of the options that are available and effective are face lifts and liposuction. However the drawback is that these procedures are highly invasive and not all candidates can safely undergo the procedures. They are definitely not for everyone.

The problem has always been that although non invasive options provide a less intrusive alternative there is not as much clinical evidence and research available to substantiate the claims and establish the safety and effectiveness of these treatments, which is usually the case with new treatments.

The Latest Developments in Double Chin Treatment:

The results of the new studies, show that a significant number of patients. In fact, more than 90%, have improvement in the appearance of their skin and that adverse effects were temporary. Most centered around the treatment area. In most patients the procedure was well tolerated and effective. The study is the first large scale source of scientific data and research from a placebo controlled, randomized large group.


The studies revealed that the results obtained from deoxycholate, ATX-101 are far superior to those gained from using placebo, not only from a clinical perspective but from the patient’s

perception as well. Skin showed marked and noticeable improvements which led to an improvement of the patient’s general perception about themselves and their appearance. (* Results may vary from person to person)

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