Our daily facial expressions help us to communicate with the world. We laugh, frown, smile, and much more each day. The elasticity in our skin helps to keep our face smooth even with these repeated contractions. However, as we age our elasticity diminishes and aging signs begin to form from these repeated movements. Dysport is a leading cosmetic injectable that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the face.

What is Dysport?

Dysport is a prescription form of botulinum toxin. This injectable formula helps to temporarily improve the frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. Dysport is a cosmetic treatment that reduces these aging signs for a younger appearance. When injected, Dysport blocks the signal from the brain to the nerves that cause the muscles to contract. This smooths out any wrinkles and lines. Dysport is a neuromodulator, like Botox, because it immobilizes the muscles in treatment areas. Some patients are concerned with having a frozen or unnatural appearance from Dysport. With our experienced injection specialists, our patients will enjoy natural-looking results where they can still make their natural facial expressions, without getting wrinkles.

Who is a Candidate for Dysport Treatment?

Dysport is a great option for those looking for a non-surgical solution to their aging signs. Lines and wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyes can lead to an angry, tired, or sad appearance. Dysport smooths out these wrinkles so that patients look refreshed. Many patients can safely undergo Dysport. To learn about the available rejuvenation options and the best treatments for you, contact our team members at Eterna MD for a consultation.

What Happens During a Dysport Treatment?

Most patients tolerate the injection process well. However, a topical numbing cream can be applied if needed for minimizing any discomfort. An expert Eterna MD injector will place the Dysport into predetermined points in the skin in order to treat specific muscles. The injection process requires extensive knowledge of the muscles and underlying facial structures which is why it is important to receive Dysport from a licensed and experienced injector. Dysport treatments take as little as 15 minutes to complete.

Dysport FAQs

Can dysport be used for crows feet?

Yes, many people find that Dysport is incredibly effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, or crows feet.

Can dysport be used on forehead?

Yes, Dysport is FDA approved to treat frown lines between the eyebrows at the base of the forehead.

Can dysport be used under eyes?

As Dysport has not been approved by the FDA for injection under the eyes, it will likely not be your best option for treating under-eye problem areas, such as sagging skin or puffiness.

Can dysport lift your eyebrows?

Some patients may benefit from a so-called Dysport brow lift that can slightly correct eyebrow drooping toward the outer edge of the brow for temporary, natural-looking results.

Can I wear makeup after Dysport?

Avoid wearing makeup the remainder of the day after your Dysport injections. You can reapply it the next day if desired.

Can I exercise before Dysport?

Yes, you can exercise before Dysport treatment. However, it is usually advised to wait about 24 hours after your injections to exercise to avoid bruising.

Can I get a facial after Dysport?

If you wish to pair a facial and Dysport, it is best to have the facial first.

Can I shower after Dysport?

You can shower after receiving your Dysport injections. Take care not to touch the injection site as much as possible.

Can I sleep on my side after Dysport?

After receiving Dysport injections, you should avoid reclining for at least four hours.

Does Botox last longer than Dysport?

Botox may last longer than Dysport. However, Dysport results are usually noticeable sooner than Botox.

Can you get dysport after Botox?

Once your original injection has worn off, some people prefer to switch formulas for a few reasons. They may have had an allergic reaction to an ingredient or simply want to compare the results before committing to one for the long term.

How long does it take for Dysport to kick in?

Dysport technically begins working immediately, although the formula does spread out a little and settles into place over the course of almost a week.

What are the side effects of Dysport?

Some of the most common side effects of Dysport include swelling, headache, nose or throat irritation, and pain at the injection site.

Can Dysport be used on lips?

Dysport can be used on the muscle above the upper lip to create a fuller, more defined look to the lips.

How often should I get Dysport?

You can get Dysport every 3-4 months after the effects of the previous treatment wears off.

How long does it take for Dysport injections?

In the office, Dysport injections won’t take any longer than 10-20 minutes. The exact length of time depends on how large the area is being treated.

How long do the results of Dysport last?

Results of Dysport typically last around four months. At that point, you may see the results start to fade and then you can schedule an appointment with Eterna, MD.

How is Dysport different from Botox?

Dysport is much more diluted than Botox and spread more quickly. This means that you may need more injections of Dysport than you would of Botox.

Are Dysport injections painful?

No, the process isn’t very painful. You may feel some discomfort at the injection site but beyond that, you won’t feel much pain at all.

Can I use skincare products after getting Dysport injections?

You can use gentle cleansers after Dysport but any type of scrubs, peels, or microdermabrasion should wait until at least 48 hours after treatment.

Does Dysport work on all types of skin?

Dysport works on all skin conditions and Fitzpatrick types.

What should I avoid after Dysport treatment?

After Dysport, you should avoid hot tubs, hot showers, saunas, alcohol, strenuous exercise, and laying on the treated area.

What Can I Expect After Dysport Treatment?

Patients may notice some minor swelling, bruising, and redness near the injection sites after Dysport treatment. The results from Dysport last, on average, for 4 months. This treatment can be repeated once the effects start to wear off to maintain the results.

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