How Does One Get Cellulite?

Did you know that around 90% of all women will have cellulite at one point or another in their lives? This statistic means that it’s practically unavoidable – although it’s completely treatable. In order to understand just how pervasive cellulite is in our lives, you first need to realize how many different factors are involved in its formation, as well as what cellulite is in general.

What Exactly is Cellulite?

To put it simply, cellulite is dimpled skin that has the texture of an orange peel. The skin has a lumpy and dimpled appearance, rather than the perfectly smooth one that you’d expect. It usually appears on the butt, the backs of the thighs, and in some cases, on the abdomen. While you mainly see cellulite on women who are middle-aged or older, it can certainly appear on younger women as well. It all depends on the factors that cause it.

While it is not completely understood what exactly causes cellulite, it involves fibrous connective cords that tether the skin to the underlying muscle. Fat lies between this skin and muscle. When the long, tough cords pull down, it can create a dimpling effect. Cellulite is much more common in women than men and is also more common with aging as the skin loses elasticity. Weight gain may make cellulite more noticeable, though some slender people can also have cellulite.

Cellulite Treatment

At our office, we offer Carboxy Therapy to treat cellulite. During this procedure, carbon dioxide gas is injected directly into the cellulite pockets. The carbon dioxide in turn causes the blood vessels to dilate, which increases blood flow and oxygen to the area. During this process, you may feel a tingling sensation at the injection site. Over time, the cellulite pockets begin to smooth out and disappear. The number of sessions needed varies on the patient’s cellulite or stretch mark severity. Treatment typically takes only 15-30 minutes to complete.

Carboxytherapy offers many benefits, including:

    • Treatment is quick and painless
    • Non-surgical option with little to no downtime
    • Reduction in cellulite
    • A boost in confidence

Cellulite Treatment FAQs

Does carboxy therapy hurt?

Carboxytherapy does not hurt, but you may feel a tingling sensation which will vary depending on the treatment area. We can also apply a topical numbing cream before treatment if desired.

How long does carboxy therapy last?

After a full treatment course, the results of carboxytherapy can last up to six months or longer.

How many sessions of carboxytherapy will I need?

Most patients require seven to 10 treatment sessions of carboxytherapy. These treatments are generally scheduled a week apart.

Does carboxytherapy tighten skin?

Carboxytherapy can tighten the skin on the face, neck, arms, or other areas in addition to treating cellulite.

What is carboxytherapy used for?

Carboxytherapy can be used for several purposes in addition to being an effective cellulite treatment. The procedure tightens skin and improves elasticity, stimulates blood flow, and reduces fat cells.

How long does it take for carboxytherapy to work?

Carboxytherapy results will gradually become more noticeable throughout the course of the treatment sessions, which take four to eight weeks to complete.

What are the benefits of carboxytherapy?

Some benefits of carboxytherapy include reduced fat cells, improved skin elasticity, increased blood flow, and significantly reduced cellulite.

Does carboxytherapy burn fat?

Carboxytherapy can reduce fat. This helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Can cellulite go away on its own?

Weight loss can reduce the appearance of cellulite for some, but not all, patients. Professional treatments like carboxytherapy are a better option to remove cellulite.

Is cellulite permanent?

Cellulite does not have to be permanent. Professional treatments like carboxytherapy can help reduce cellulite.

What does carboxy therapy feel like?

Without any pain, the treatment feels odd to most people as the skin retracts following the short burst of gas.

What are the side effects of carboxy therapy for cellulite?

There are practically no side effects of carboxy therapy. Expect some bruising in the treatment area that should dissipate in about a week.

Can carboxy therapy help with stretch marks?

Yes, Carboxytherapy can now be used to help soften the appearance of stretch marks and scarring as well.

How much does carboxytherapy cost?

The cost of treatment may vary, depending on many factors. If you are interested in learning more about pricing, please contact our office today.

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