Regenerative Threads Lift

Regenerative Threads Lift is the most time and cost effective way to  have a facelift.  Further it is a natural lift.  It is considered a “lunchtime procedure”. You can literally come in during your lunchtime and walk out with a face that  will give you the beauty of your real self.

Regenerative theads face lift
Carlos Mercardo M.D. offers a one of a kind Regenerative threads lift.

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To radically improve facial beauty you have have three options:

  1. Expensive Facelift – works but expensive with long recovery time and people can feel stretched and pulled.
  2. Face creams  and the holistic approach – works but expensive, radical lifestyle change and results are subtle and over time. Can be used in conjunction with other techniques.
  3. Threads lift –  Non-invasive.  Immediate results. Lasting results. Cost effective.

The reason EternaMD choose to highlight the threads lift as their method of choice is:

  • time and cost efficiency for the patient
  • results

Start you personal Renaissances with the Michaelangelo of facial beauty


If you get a threads lift you will look amazing. Your face is the way people tell you chronological age. However, it has nothing to do with your real self and your biological age.  If you take care of your self with proper nutritional and lifestyle you can de-age your body so your:

biological age is < your chronological age

This means if you are 40s you can look as if you are in your 20s.  You can feel as if you are in your 20s.

To jump start  personal renaissances with the Michaelangelo of cosmetic procedures. I recommend a threads lift. This will motivate you to change your life and lifestyle. One you see your new face after the lift, many people take the attitude they will reinvent their life.  It sometimes takes a small jump start.

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