Michelangelo of body sculpting

Often people come up with names to make themselves sound good. This is not the case with Dr. Mercado.

One day, a grateful patients started to call him the Michelangelo of body sculpting because of the transformation of his body. The name just stuck.

Other Doctors admiring his work also called him the Michaelangelo of body sculpting after studying under Dr. Mercardo. To see the his work you will agree. he is like no other Doctor. He is one of a kind.

Dr. Mercado studies classical proportion and design and takes inspiration from art.  It takes both technical skill and an appreciation for beauty to make a beautiful body. People just do not realize this. They will get lipo from other doctors  and they are unhappy.  In contrast, Dr. Mercado actually specializes in liposuction repair. That is where others have failed he creates beauty. That is the truth.

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Here are some just for fun images of Dr. Mercado. However, if you see his real before and after photos you will be amazed and understand why. He is simply the best you will find anywhere.  This is your body, treat it to the best.

Find the real women

By the way a few of the images below were based on real women, can you identify which one.

Renaissance model sculpted

Michelangelo of liposcution


trim the excess and become a classic beauty

Classical proportions and liposcution


Michelangelo of body sculpting

Dr Mercado MD the Michelangelo of cosmetic procedures