Is Erectus Shot a Break Through for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is nothing to be embarrassed about and is much more commonplace than you think. It doesn’t matter what the numbers are, if you suffer from this condition then the only thing that matters to you, is not the numbers but the solution. You may have heard about stem cell therapy, that uses the platelets found in your blood, but never imagined it would have any implications for your or your condition. Well the good news is that stem cell therapy has now been used to revolutionize the industry and introduce erectus shots to improve performance by encouraging the factors that are necessary to maintain an erection and encourage growth.

As you age the body struggles to deliver enough blood to all the vital organs. The Penis needs a supply of blood to keep it in an erect or engorged state. PRP therapy uses stem cells to promote and encourage the growth of new blood vessels to supply the necessary blood to the penis. The healing and regenerative capabilities of stem cells will not only facilitate the growth of new blood vessels, but will also promote overall growth and of course can lead to an increase in size and girth of the organ. The end result is a healthier male organ.

The uses for the Erectus shot is just as the name suggests a treatment to address the problem of erectile dysfunction. It works by addressing the root cause of the problem of erectile dysfunction which is insufficient flow of blood to the penis. If the problem is more complex or psychological then this treatment probably won’t help. For most it is just a matter of biology and erectus shots can address that, Erectus shots also called Priapus shot is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction.

While the treatment is relatively new and there are no major studies done in the field, it is reasonable and logical, that correcting the problem of insufficient supply of blood to the artery that supplies the penis should restore normal function. This has been the case with many treatments performed, the exceptions are individuals who smoke or experience severe erectile dysfunction. As you can imagine the penis is a very sensitive area as such it would be attractive to find a treatment that is pain free and with as little downtime as possible, stem cell therapy achieve both.

The treatment is growing rapidly in popularity because of its advantages there is no general anesthesia administered, it requires the use of only a topical anesthesia. The treatment is all natural, taken from your body’s own stem cells, so there is no need for artificial injectables or fillers. Time is indeed money and less down time means you can go home the same day. You can resume your work and resume sexual activity all on the same day. If you think the treatments might be right for you consult a licensed medical professional in your area, and find out all you can to make yourself comfortable about the procedure .

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