Getting Rich with Fat Banking

Depositing money in the bank used to be the only way to get rich, not anymore. It is now possible to have your own store of deposit at a fat banking facility. This bank stores not money, but your body’s own adipose tissue, removed from your body during liposuction. The beauty of having your own reservoir of fat taken from your very own body is that you can utilize the fat at a later date for your convenience. You need to notify the facility and they will safely transport it to your doctor if they offer the service, for natural enhancements to your body.

Most of us have some area of our body that we would all improve upon or enhance. However, some are turned off or a little weary wary of using artificial fillers or the surgical option. This breakthrough provides a much needed and much welcome alternative. What is so great about the process is that you were getting rid of the fat anyway, in most cases. Instead of disposing of all that fat you cannot put it to good use to enhance your own physical attributes.

The ability to store the fat removed during liposuction, means that you have options in the future and are not limited by the fact that you have no fat available. You may not have the time, or even the need a procedure, immediately after liposuction. You may need the procedure at a later date. There are several areas in your body is that can require augmentation as over time they can sag, droop or lose volume and definition. Especially in your face there are your lips, your cheeks, your smile lines that run from your nose to mouth. All these areas can benefit from an injection of your own stem cells, to add plumpness, volume and increased definition in those areas.

A single liposuction can yield an amazing amount of adipose tissue. This tissue can be used in several different ways to augment fill, lift and give volume to many different areas of the body. These natural fillers are a natural solution and provide an alternative to other types of injectables or fillers. Fat banking allows you to store the adipose tissue for future use in augmentation procedures. It depends on the volume of the fat harvested, what it can be used for. The type and location of the liposuction performed, will determine how much fat you have available to you. You can have a small, medium or large volume.

Different services require a different amount of fat. Small changes or enhancements will require a small volume, meaning between 25 to 100 milliliters of stored tissue. Medium volume requires approximately 100 to 300 milliliters. Procedures such as breast enlargement and significant facial enhancement will require medium volume. Large volume would require 300 – 600 milliliters of your stored tissue and require extended storage options. Depending on the scope of the breast or butt augmentation, these services would require a larger volume of tissue.


Procedures that can be performed with fat banking

  • Lip enhancements
  • Facial enhancements
  • Skin care
  • Breast enlargement
  • Breast Correction or augmentation
  • Buttock Enhancement

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