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Female Enhancement

A woman’s body is a delicate, yet has an unbelievably strong light. Sometimes as we age our light gets shadowed, and does not burn as bright as it should. At Eterna M.D. we offer various analysis and treatments to make you shine bright again.

Femme Shot

This procedure uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) and fat to rejuvenate the vagina. The mixture is injected into specific regions such as the clitoris, anterior and posterior vaginal walls, Gräfenberg Spot, and more. The patient is given a topical numbing agent to alleviate any discomfort. The goal of the Femme Shot once injected is to stimulate the growth of new cells, increase sensitivity, and increase circulation.

Breast Sensitivity Increase

To increase the sensitivity of the breast we focus on the areola. This area is injected with PRP, which causes new cells to grow, and more sensitivity. This treatment is also great for women post-breast procedures as it diminishes scars.

Hormone Therapy

We offer various treatments dependent on each individual’s hormone levels, and goals. A board certified physician at our office will go through your entire medical background, and possibly refer you for some further exams. Once all the data is reviewed, you will be presented with a personalized hormone plan which could consists of medications, hormonal lotions, pellets, or any other regime the physician finds most beneficial.