Ego and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Nothing has the ability to impact the male ego and self esteem such as Erectile Dysfunction (ed). It is very closely linked to sexual performance and prowess in the mind of many men and women. Problems associated with sexual performance can trigger deep rooted feelings of anxiety and ineffectiveness that can affect and attack one’s image and perception of masculinity. The inability to perform effectively during sex seems to affect men at their most basic instinctive level. It can cause deep rooted feelings of self doubt and even self loathing and anxiety.

The link between ego and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can make social life and interaction difficult and can lead to the fear of intimacy which can spill over into every aspect of life. The association between sexual function, sexual prowess and masculinity go way back in history. The number of children a man fathered was seen as an indication of his masculinity and superiority among other men. Even though society has come a long way and our associations and images associated with masculinity have been updated, sexual function is still seen as a basic, masculine function.

Traditionally, men have been reluctant to come forward and admit the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. Largely in part due to misplaced and misguided feelings of shame and inadequacy and fear of public opinion. As information becomes more readily available and solutions to the problem more advanced and our society’s images of masculinity continue to evolve, more men have begun to come forward and admit the problem.

Times have changed

Society is more aware today of the many problems that can cause Erectile Dysfunction. Problems such as lifestyle habits, smoking and drinking, lack of exercise, obesity, medical condition such as Hypertension or Diabetes or due to the side effects of a surgical procedure or even as a result of medications prescribed by a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction can be very tricky to diagnose and treat as it is sometimes a case of which came first the chicken or the egg. This is because emotional factors can contribute to Erectile Dysfunction. It can sometimes be the root cause as well as it can be only a part of the problem. Emotional issues such as a history of sexual abuse, past sexual relationships, limited sexual knowledge, fear of intimacy and other emotional issues or baggage, can cause or impact erectile dysfunction.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for erectile dysfunction must take into consideration the root cause of the condition. The male ego and psyche can be very sensitive and delicate and may also play a part in treatment options, especially in the case of erectile dysfunction caused by emotional factors. It does not matter what causes erectile dysfunction it is time for all men who experience any of the symptoms or problems associated with the condition to come forward and seek treatment as many options are now available. There is no need for fear of surgery or the side effects associated with some of the more traditional treatment options. One of the options available today, is the Erectus Shot, it is a non-surgical, all natural, male

enhancement treatment option that is available to treat the problems associated with Erectile Dysfunction.

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