Dr. Carlos Mercado

Carlos Mercado M.D.

Dr. Carlos Mercado M.D. – Memberships, Medical Affiliations, and Board Certifications

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
American Academy of Liposuction Surgery
Graduate from The Aesthetic Ageless Institute
Stem Cell Fellowship through the American Academy of Anti Aging
Age Management Certification by Cenegenics
Double Board Certified in Family Medicine and Geriatrics which provides the medical platform for all recommended Anti Aging services

Awards and Recognition’s

Recognized as one of the Best Doctors of America 2015
Doctor of The Year at Florida Hospital for 3 consecutive years
Best Doctor in Central Florida ” Orlando Magazine 2010, 2011
Pioneer of Bioplasty technique for Fillers and Fat Transfers
Pioneer of EternaMD Stem Cell procedures in both Cosmetic and Orthopedic procedures

Inventor and Creator of the “Erectus Shot Procedure”  for Erectile Dysfunction  using stem cells derived from adipose tissue
Inventor and Creator of the  “Colombian Butt Lift” using Fat Transfer
Chief Resident at Jamaica Hospital, Queens, New York

Dr Mercado’s Medical Philosophy and Procedural Guidelines

– No General Anesthesia for improved recovery
– Minimal Downtime Procedures
– Outpatient Procedures
– Non Surgical / Avoidance of cutting
– Avoidance of Needles on the Face
– Bioplasty Technique using Microcanule Technique
– Regenerative Techniques
– Liposculpture only one per day to ensure the best patient outcomes
– Utilize the patients own fat tissue or blood as a platform to help accelerate and enhance repair of damaged or aging body, face, or skin.

Dr. Carlos Mercado was born in Colombia, brought into the world by a midwife, from a normal spontaneous delivery. When interviewing his mother, she said “when he was born everybody around her said, this baby looks different and one day he will bring something special to the world”. Recalling his youth, his mother said that he always wanted to do things differently, and make things better. She also remembers “how charismatic he seemed as a boy and how everyone wanted to be around him”.

Growing up Dr. Mercado struggled with obesity starting from the age of eleven. At one point he weighed as much as to 250 pounds. By Colombian standards, in fact by any standard, this was very significant for his height.

Today, Dr. Mercado is actually very slim and looks at least 10 years younger than many of his peers. In fact, now if you meet him you likely would not believe he had a severe weight issue.

By the early age of 17, Dr. Mercado entered Medical School in Colombia. By the age of 22, he was in the operating room being trained on a procedure that at the time was considered new for Colombia (Liposuction). However, he never realized that later on in his career, this same procedure would open the door to many avenues related to cosmetic surgery and perhaps the horizon for him to learn about other cosmetic medical procedures!

At the age of 26, he was sent to small town in Colombia where he was exposed to daily and extreme trauma cases, namely gunshot wounds, knife wounds, and baby deliveries etc. At that time, Dr. Mercado was the only doctor on site, and responsible for attending to the medical needs of some 5.000+ people. During that time, the violence was at its highest level in Colombia. This forced Dr. Mercado to deal with these unexpected surgical emergencies in a setting where there was no anesthesia, no helicopters, trauma teams, MRI, or ambulances

He had no choice but to continue to work with what he had and without many resources you’d find at a medical practice or hospital. He was forced to become innovative, otherwise his patients would die.

He performed all these procedures with sedation and local anesthesia. He noticed that patients healed better and had a much lower to very little complications. Thinking to himself, is it possible that many of the complications due to surgery were primarily related to the use of general anesthesia. His thoughts were that in the future should he work in the field of general surgery, he’d do so without the need for general anesthesia given that it works so well with just sedation and local anesthesia.

Now with a revised prospective from his experience in Colombia and far removed from his childhood where he struggled with

weight issues himself. He gave up the notion that people who gained weight did so due to a lack of exercise and over eating. As time went on it became clear Dr. Mercado when seeing many female patients desire a particular procedure called liposuction. His observation at that time was that many of these women were in their late to mid thirties, forties, and early fifties. But who also had the same common issue, weight gain and each were going through menopause while having a poor dietary routine and poor quality of life with minimal exercise.

His additional observation was even after the liposuction procedure was performed after weight gain on a patient. The women in their forties and fifties still continued experiencing dissatisfaction related to their self image and the way they felt inside. While very happy about their cosmetic procedure results, the feeling of depression, anxiety, sadness, lack of libido, having difficulty sleeping brought on  marital problems/issues.

In his mind, a simple question kept occurring: Why do we accumulate FAT as we age?

Dr Mercado’s Medical Training

Not forgetting about his question, Dr. Mercado realized that he needed more study and training on the aging process. He then decided to stop his general practice for a year and go into a more formalized fellowship training in Geriatrics. It is during this intense fellowship that he noticed that human beings are in the end a mixture of symptoms and chronic diseases He was feeling that just giving medications for chronic diseases perhaps only maintain, but never really cure any of his patients. Definitively, Dr. Mercado felt that the aging process was a disease. After seeing a multitude of patients in their 60 to 90’s, the goal for him was to understand and get to the bottom of what caused those problems, and how does the aging process work.

Not surprisingly, he becomes one of the first doctors from Colombia trained about the aging process and Geriatrics. Dr. Mercado realized that a solution would require a combination of treatments related to the aging process + cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery alone is not the complete solution. That understanding became the start to what he would later term “rejuvenation inside and outside”. His main concern has and always will be  “clinical skills” based on scientific facts related to improving the aging process.

Dr. Mercado hypothesized that perhaps a lack of hormones had an effect on the aging process for both women and men. He then decided to undergo extensive training in hormone replacement therapy through Cenegenics Institute which is a world renowned and now a national leader in the US related to Age Management. It is there he noticed how significantly symptoms of menopause and andropause improved with hormone optimization procedures and hormone replacement therapy.

Still not being satisfied, he embarks on additional training related to Stem Cells and continues this track of discovery with Cell Assisted services for his patients which are designed to rejuvenate and repair physical injuries. Along the way, his studies and training have taken him to Europe and many national conferences featuring the pioneers of Stem Cell services.

During this time, Dr. Mercado finally to put the pieces of the puzzle together: Exercise+ Proper eating habits + hormone optimization as well as Cell Assisted Services make for a more well rounded approach to patient improvement.

To him the winning formula is a baseline Patient Care Program with a combination of cosmetic procedures, hormone optimization, exercise, and proper eating habits. This is the foundation for longevity and a much improved quality of life that can take someone well into their eighties and nineties.

It is at this point he and his wife Dr. Mara DeLaVega open EternaMD- Medical Rejuvenation Center of Lake Mary, Florida. Using the individualized Patient Care Plan he develops many innovations to improve patient outcomes, and rejuvenation.

They developed an Age Management program, Weight Loss Program and several Cosmetic Procedures along with improved techniques. Dr. Mercado also decided to do all cosmetic procedures with no general anesthesia, for a faster recovery, and to achieve excellent results.

Observing,learning, and training with other board certified surgical specialist he felt that the traditional techniques were too aggressive, and required too many days of recovery with pain. Dr. Mercado also thought there should be other uses for the FAT removed from a liposuction patient. Maybe using it as a filler for the face. This caused him to developed a concept called the  “Intelligent Filler”. Dr. Mercado made the observation that patients eventually might get tired of using “Traditional Fillers” that don’t last long and require repetitive treatments. Plus, they offered no solution: meaning “NO CURE” similar to how he once felt when giving medications for chronic conditions that had no cure.

As they began to expand their medical and cosmetic services practice, he felt the need to improve on the general liposuction techniques by why of developing his own Liposculpture process which he will now only do one per day to ensure improved outcomes for his patients.

It is in that thinking process that one day a colleague called him and asks him for a buttocks enhancement solution. His colleague stated that “just putting fat in to the buttocks it was not enough”. Dr Mercado was then inspired to develop a new combination procedure called the “COLOMBIAN BUTT LIFT.” This procedure uses a special technique, using viable FAT combined with a new type of sutures called the “Silhouette Lift”. He also has been a pioneer of Bioplasty in the US. The Bioplasty technique allows no cutting, blunted instruments, provides natural and progressive results, with no need for general anesthesia. This technique can be used on reconstructive surgery as well.

In one of his trips to Europe 5 years ago, Dr. Mercado was then introduced to a new concept: STEM CELLS and how they repair cell damage. He then became fascinated with the topic. He initially started offering “banking of stem cells” collected from his patient’s blood. The idea was to bank those stem cells for future use in case if needed. In fact, Dr. Mercado himself had his own stem cells banked (by blood). It was later discovered that FAT contains more stem cells than blood and bone marrow.

Deciding that the missing link was Cell Assisted, Dr. Mercado started using a special technique to do his liposuction called “water-assisted liposuction (which he feels extracts “beautiful fat”) this peaked his interest in being able to help patients through Cell Assisted treatments. He affirms that in only one day (with an awake patient) he can perform: Water-assisted liposuction with Liposculpture + Fat Transfer to the face, breast, or buttocks with Cell Assisted services, followed by hormone replacement therapy using pellets. Dr. Mercado states that during his procedures his patients are awake, leave the office walking after the procedure without pain, and return to his/her job or regular routine very rapidly. Dr. Mercado stresses that this is all possible in one day using scientifically proven techniques that are safe. His commitment to Cell Assisted services is only cemented by the results he sees in his patients!
What’s Up Ahead for Dr. Mercado and EternaMD

Currently, Dr. Mercado is working on his book. He has and will continue to dedicate a lot of his time educating the public through medical conferences, and expos. EternaMD is also now working on becoming a training center of excellence for new doctors to learn stem cell innovations, cosmetic enhancements, and procedures as well as facial filler and injectable techniques.
In Conclusion

Dr Mercado continues to go back to Colombia where he has a medical practice there as well. But also includes “medical mission trips” for patients in need of reconstructive surgery using his bioplasty techniques. His joy of practicing medicine comes from the discovery. And he gets great fulfillment in seeing his patients achieve many of their goals as a result of the quality care and attention to detail that his medically trained and scientifically verified procedures provide. Because he wants to remain a part of the future of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, he will always remain a student while practicing the latest techniques available.

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