Do Your Burn Scars Embarrass You

The emotional consequences of burn scars can affect every part your daily life and can have negative repercussions especially your social and professional relationships. If the scar is small or in an inconspicuous place, clothes or makeup might do the trick and even then just knowing that you have it can still take an emotional toll on you.

Burn scars are usually the result of a traumatic incident. It can be caused by contact with an extremely hot surface or contact with fire. The raised skin that is left behind as the injury heals is the burn scar. All burn scars are not the same they can vary in color, shape and size. The colour can vary from similar to your skin tone or it may be lighter or darker in appearance and can change color as it heals. It can be red or have a blue hue or purple colour depending on your skin tone or ethnicity.

The texture of the skin is different at the site of the burn, usually thicker and rougher in appearance. The scars left behind by burns can leave physical as well as emotional scars and both can go very deep. The general appearance of your scar will be affected by the area and the size of the wound as well as other factors such as your sex, age, ethnic background and even your genes.

Different types of scars

Keloid Scars are usually raised and rougher in texture, they can hamper movement and extend beyond the site of the injury.

Hypertrophic scars are similar in nature to keloid scars, but the major difference is that the scarring does not extend beyond the site of the injury.

Contracture scars can go very deep and may even affect muscle tissue and even your nerves. They tighten the skin as they heal and can severely restrict or hamper your movement.

Some scars never go completely away, but there are options to reduce its appearance and size. It is best to address the scar earlier rather than later, but the scar can be treated or removed at any stage.

Treatment options

The Fx laser uses the power of CO2 to soften and improve the appearance of burn scars. The result is looser skin that makes movement easier. especially in areas around the neck or face.

CO2 can also be injected directly into the scar tissue. This will improve circulation and promote healing from the inside out.

Red Light therapy reduces redness and other pigment discolorations. It can also facilitate the increased absorption of fade creams.

Hypertrophic scars can benefit from medical Microdermabrasion. It exfoliates the top layer of skin. It uses a controlled spray of aluminum oxide crystals to gently exfoliate the thicker epidermis to smooth the raised skin to match the surrounding area. It can be combined with a chemical peel to achieve optimal results.

Sciton laser peel can be used to resurface scar tissue depending on the size and depth of the scar.

Keloid scars can be injected with Corticosteroids to atrophy the tissue so that it can be less conspicuous and blend in with the surrounding skin.

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