Angel Face

We will improve your facial beauty so dramatically – you will have a new confidence in yourself

We are the only M.D. clinic in Florida that offers this proprietary treatment.

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Your face is the first thing people see. You are already beautiful, we just help you uncover more of your real self.

Forget the Vampire face lift – We want you to fly with the Angels

We specialize in facial rejuvenation that is found nowhere else on the planet. Are you curious? Call and ask about a free Facial rejuvenation consultation with the doctor.
The specific techniques that can be used are:

  •  Stem Cells –  For deep healing  to literally turn back the clock (Stem Cells derivative from your own body’s fat). Nothing will be as dramatic in terms of healing your face than stem cells.
  • Threads – Threads are non-surgical same day in and out face lift.  A real face-lift that is minimally invasive, and has a quick  healing process.  The look is natural because it is based on stimulating your own body’s mechanisms.  This is the basis of the cosmetic surgery of the future.  This is what stars use in 2018.  EuroThreads are popular in Europe to turn back the clock, now offered in the US.
  • Fix Skin Laxity with J-plasma –  Simple alternative to surgery and better results.
  • Angel Face lift – This PRP treatment  has been perfect to the next level over the Vampire Face lift.
  • Plasma fillers – It simply works for most issues. We also use plasma fillers.  Read more here: Plasma Fillers

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create a beautiful face
If you want a beautiful face, we can transform your look.
Our results are impressive.

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We change the look of your face by bringing out the beauty that resides in you already.

  • Dr. Mercado is known as  the most innovative doctor for facial rejuvenation in Florida.  If you go to Dr. Mercado you will have an that Angel Face.

Technique or Artist?

A painter does not use one brush or color. Similarly, to get results, it is not one technique which other clinics sell.  Rather, Dr. Mercado M.D. uses the most advanced array of options available to naturally transform your face into its fuller potential.  Think of Dr. Mercado as a facial artist that will give lasting results.

Have ever seen someone with an angelic face or could envision one? Perhaps from a painting or photo or a film.  This facial beauty is possible with non-invasive techniques.   This is what Angel Face facial rejuvenation is about, to bring your face to this level.

In the words of his patients:

Dr. Mercado is a real doctor in every sense of the word.

Dr. Mercado developed his system over twenty years but uses technology that is 2018.  Nowhere else in the world can you get a better look.

What is the power of a beautiful face?

Helen of Troy was know to have a face that launched 1,000 ships. Maybe you do not want to go that far, but you will get results. Through evolutionary processes human brains have been honed and fine- tuned to respond to the face. It conveys information.

With time, we are all responsible for the expressions on our faces – Michelangelo

Today we have a choice to rewrite our facial story with facial rejuvenation.

angel face

Testimonial  – I am in business and before I went on an interview, I had an Angel rejuvenation treatment. The result? I got the job and people think I look at least ten years younger than I am. Believe me it makes a difference in business. They respond differently to you. It was the best investment I ever made, because it was an investment in myself. – Patient of an Angel facial rejuvenation.

Angels vs. Vampires – who looks better?

You have heard of the Vampire face lift,  yet the Angel face lift is at another level, a higher level.

  • Put side by side, Angels and Vampires,  there is no comparison. The techniques in Dr. Mercado’s Angel face is the most advanced in the world. You might say the results are ‘other worldy’.

If you want an angel face, let the Michaelangelo of facial rejuvenation show what is possible.

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