About Us

Eterna M.D. Mission Statement

At Eterna M.D. Medical Rejuvenation Center,  We believe in the possibilities of improving your physical appearance while at the same time becoming a healthier person are endless. Our mission first and foremost if to help people.

  • EternaMD  integrates health and beauty, because we believe beauty cannot exist without health.

There are three phases to your Eterna M.D. experience

  1. A comprehensive medial evaluation to determine your needs.
  2. Your personalized treatment plan.
  3. The results obtained after each treatment, where what was imagined becomes visible to the eyes.Scientifically, aging is caused by cellular changes due to oxidation as well as a decline in hormonal production which together are the main causes of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, weight control problems, unwanted wrinkles, loss of skin tone and elasticity.At our center, we have integrated age management medicine with non-surgical aesthetic procedures to offer comprehensive treatment plans to slow down the symptoms and visible signs of aging safely and effectively from the inside out.  All of our treatments are implemented and followed directly by one of our two physicians:  Mara De La Vega, M.D. and Carlos E. Mercado, M.D.

    Providing the latest services in Cosmetic and Aesthetics for the Facial Rejuvenation , Breast, and Body. Age Management, Stem Cell Therapy and the latest in Laser Light Source Technologies.

    Our staff is comprised of highly trained and board certified Medical Doctors and a team of state certified medical Estheticans and Laser Technologist.

    It is our honor to serve you and have happy patients who continue to refer their family and friends. Eternamd is a world class medical facility where patients can be confident that they will receive the best care and follow after a procedure.

    We have patients that are both local to Lake Mary and Orlando Florida, but also national and international clients:  Texas, California, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC,  Washington State, Arizona,  France, Ecuador,  Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica,  Colombia, Venezuela, London England, Europe, Panama, Peru, South America and beyond.

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