Cellulite Free with CarboxyTherapy

Cellulite is the bane of our existence for many people. You invest in fade creams and stretch mark gels to fix the problem. Some of them work to some degree depending on the size of the problem, but for the most part you are left frustrated and disappointed with the results. Nobody wants to have cellulite, it is as unwanted as the plague and in some cases just as difficult to get rid of. If you’ve tried the rest and have not achieved your desired result you may want to try CarboxyTherapy, it can give you a cellulite free life.

What is CarboxyTherapy

CarboxyTherapy harnesses the power of carbon dioxide in a therapeutic process for cellulite and stretch mark removal by speeding up the body’s process of healing itself Carbon dioxide is already present in our bodies and is a key element in the life cycle of all living things. Cellulite and other scarring such as stretch marks can be caused by poor blood flow.

CarboxyTherapy works by infusing carbon dioxide into the area which promotes an increase in the flow of oxygen to the area this increases collagen production to reveal younger, brighter, more vibrant skin. The process is painless and can be used can be used effectively on most areas of the body, including the face, neck, arms, stomach, butt and legs to achieve the desired effect.

How does CarboxyTherapy work

Stretch Marks are caused by the stretching of the skin, which causes a thermal collagen rupture. Cellulite is usually as a result of the fat present in the body below the skin’s surface. Carbon Dioxide injected into the skin causes new collagen to be produced and rebuilds the collagen matrix of the skin, which works to reduce the presence of cellulite and stretch marks. CO2 is injected directly into the vein. This dose of Carbon Dioxide is lethal to the fat deposits in your veins and causes them to rupture and be naturally eliminated as waste from the body. No more cellulite.

What to expect

The therapy is pain free, the only discomfort associated with it, is the pick from the small needle. The Carbon Dioxide comes from a tank fed through a tube and filtered into the small needle to be administered by the physician. After the gas is injected into the vein you may feel a sensation of some pressure as the veins become distended, this is temporary and passes after a few minutes. You will feel a warm and tingly sensation after the therapy as a result of your now improved blood circulation. The treatment can last between fifteen to thirty minutes.

How many treatments will I need

The number of treatments needed will depend on the on the size as well as the extent of the cellulite, but most patients need about six to twelve treatments in one week intervals. There are no known side effects. There is no need to continue to struggle with cellulite you can be cellulite free with the Carboxy Therapy

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